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Court disputes and arbitration proceedings

A complex court dispute can cloud your judgement. Not ours. We have successfully defended the rights of our clients in a case of billion-dollar theft of companies, compensation for damages and disputes with shareholders. We also helped a city district and a construction company reach an agreement, as well as helping in other complicated and long-standing lawsuits.

Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions

We help clients with the functioning and changes within companies. Leave the piles of paperwork, general meetings and notary visits, dispute settlement and the sale and purchase of companies to us. We can also connect you with tax and accounting advisors or experts. We know this is very important - and that's how we treat it.

Labour law

Disputes at work or with authorities are unpleasant. We represent both employers and employees, e.g. those who have been let go, or those who experienced a work accident and are requesting financial compensation. We also help people extend their visa.

Real estate

We take care of agreements and negotiations with investors, all documentation, the purchase and sale of land or real estate and the acquisition of existing projects, as well as potential disputes. We represented quarrelling friends and siblings and led them to a successful settlement of co-ownership.


We will guide you through the entire process of investing, buying and selling - whatever you need. We have helped our clients sell a restaurant and company, as well as buy development projects and car washes. We also always have available tax and accounting advisors or experts with whom we cooperate.

Criminal law

When the situation does not play out in your favour, we will give you a helping hand in all stages of criminal proceedings. We helped acquit a client who unknowingly became a straw man. We also represent victims of crimes and clients ex officio when they do not have their own advocate.


Unfair competition complicates the operation of many companies. We'll make sure you're not one of them and protect you against unfair competition. We also successfully deal with sanctions and represent clients in negotiations with the Office for the Protection of Competition (ÚHOS).

IT law and data protection

The Internet and information technology are constantly developing, and so are we. We can advise you on the development and implementation of software, help you with license agreements, terms and conditions, GDPR, intellectual property and other online issues.

Copyright and industrial rights

We take care of the trademarks and copyright or industrial rights of our long-term clients when dealing with the Industrial Property Office. We focus on obtaining protection and provide all the consulting that goes with it.

Settling property - Trusts, family foundations, endowment funds

Settling property can be stressful. We will help you set up its administration, trust funds, foundations and associated legal relationships so that you can gain peace of mind and focus on what is really important.

Medical law and representation of victims of traffic accidents

Just one second can change a lifetime. We are here to make sure the consequences are as small as possible. We have successfully defended victims of violent acts, domestic violence, failed medical procedures and serious traffic accidents.

Family and inheritance law

When relationships become involved in a dispute, it is often complicated. We understand that, which is why we try to solve such cases quickly and sensitively. You can turn to us with prenuptial agreements, divorce, child custody, alimony or estate settlement. We will also be happy to connect you with a notary office.

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